Set up your flag

Your package should contain:

  • A flag pole (2 pieces)
  • Screw to connect two pole pieces
  • A flag pole stand (4 pieces: stand, plug, plastic tube that matches the stand, clear plastic tube)
  • Finial (top part of the flag pole)
  • Eyehooks (2)
  • A set of four flags – blue, grey, brown and red colours
  • Key chain circles (3) – you will only need two, the third is extra.


1) These are the materials you should receive in the mail.



2) First, add the plug to the bottom of the stand.



3) Add the small pole to the flag stand. Add the plastic tube into the stand for stability.



4) Add the first pole to the stand. Make sure this pole only has one hole drilled into it.



5) Add the gold finial on top of the second pole (not attached to the stand)


 6) Add the eye hooks to the two holes in the pole.



7) Add key chain circles to the flag grommets and attach flag to eyehooks.



8) Connect the two poles together with the screw.



9) The final product. Make sure you place the flagpole in an area with ample visibility.