Participation in the final survey is easy:

The piloting of the Air Quality Flag Program taking place at your child’s school will be ending March 6. To help measure the effectiveness of the program and changes in participant awareness and understanding of air quality, health and the Air Quality Health Index, a short, anonymous survey has been developed, which we encourage you to complete.

If you are a parent please complete this survey

If you are a teacher please complete this survey

As a thank you for volunteering your time to submit feedback on the program, each survey respondent will be entered to win one of three scholastic gift certificates to benefit the participating school.

Grand Prize: $300 scholastic gift certificate
Second Prize: $150 scholastic gift certificate
Third Prize: $50 scholastic gift certificate


A total of 12 schools across British Columbia are participating in the Air Quality Flag Program. Over 1000 students will be introduced to the program which begins Jan. 7, 2014 and goes to Mar. 6.

Each day, participants access their secure school page on to learn what the Air Quality Heath Index reading is for their city in British Columbia.  With this information, students decide which Air Quality flag to raise to share what kind of “air day” it is with their school community.

Participating schools receive:

  • Daily air quality updates for their community.
  • An Air Quality Flag school web page, where students and teachers choose and “raise” the air quality flag for the day and write blog posts about their experience with the program.
  • Ten of the 12 schools received a flag pole and set of flags to fly on-site.
  • Several activities and resources, including curriculum linked lessons for Grades 5 and 6.
  • Ongoing support from the Air Quality Flag Program coordinator.

How will the information gathered from this program be used?

Information gathered through the piloting of the Air Quality Flag Program in British Columbia will be analyzed and shared with program partners and the public with the goal of a province-wide or national Air Quality Flag Program being implemented in the future. Results from this pilot program will be made available on this site at the end of March. After the program, participants can consider checking the Air Quality Health Index at on a daily basis. If the program is implemented on a full provincial scale, school districts will be notified of future participation opportunities.

Did you know, the Air Quality Flag Program pilot is modeled after the Environmental Protection Agency’s School Flag Program in the US?

Want to know more? Contact Glynn Brothen, Air Quality Flag Program coordinator, at