This program is available for elementary-school-aged students (Kindergarten to Grade 7)

Curriculum-linked materials are available for Grades 5 & 6. Teachers are welcome to adapt these resources to suit their grade level.



  • Work with your teacher and classmates to create a flag bearer schedule.
  • Print a poster for your classroom or school.
  • View the Air Quality Flag video which demonstrates how your school can get involved.
  • What can you do to improve air quality? Find out here.
  • Not sure what to blog about? You can share your answer to one of these questions.


  • What is the Air Quality Flag Program? Find out here.
  • Want to know more about air and air quality? Review the air quality terminology.
  • Did you know there is an Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) app for smart phones? Visit the app store and use the search terms “Air Quality Health Index app”. The Weather Network also reports the AQHI on its app.
  • View the Air Quality Flag video, which demonstrates how your child’s school can get involved.