Posts made in January, 2014

What colour is the flag today?

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What colour is the flag in your community today? Chances are it is probably blue. Each day as students raise their Air Quality Flag, they are finding that the blue flag is the most common of all four. Given that British Columbia has good air quality most of the time, the frequency of a blue flag should not come as a surprise. The important thing to remember about...

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Schools get creative in second week of Air Quality Flag Program

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Just two weeks into the Air Quality Flag Program and our participating schools and students are reporting the unique ways they’re using the program to learn more about air quality and health. Two students at Barriere Elementary are planning their science fair project alongside their class lessons on air quality.  At Peden Hill Elementary in Prince George, students...

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Air Quality Flag Program Begins in British Columbia

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A new year always marks a new chapter. For a dozen elementary schools in B.C., it marks the beginning of a program about air quality and our health; the first of its kind in Canada. The Air Quality Flag Program is unique – developed to teach elementary students in B.C. about air quality and how to monitor it, along with suggested actions on protecting health when...

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