BC schools choose creative ways to introduce Air Quality Flags

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Weather is always a topical subject. If you’re trying to have a conversation with someone you don’t know well, talk about weather and you’ll always get a response.

But what about air?

Air doesn’t carry the same relevance as weather. Not many people think about or discuss what kind of “air day” it is next to the water cooler at work or at school, unless there is something significant happening such as a forest fire. We generally can’t see it, and we can’t touch it, which makes it easier to forget about, most of the time.

Yet air quality affects all of us. And there’s no time like the present to start talking about it.

Children are considered to be a sensitive group when it comes to air pollution. They’re growing, playing outdoors, and they’re taking bigger and deeper breaths compared to adults.

We’re excited to be working with principals, teachers, and parents from schools across the province to introduce the Air Quality Flag Program to students and raise awareness about the connection between air and health.

Each school has chosen to share the Air Quality Flags in slightly different ways:  some schools have “green teams,” who are leading the program, while others have teachers linking it to lessons on weather and air. One principal I spoke with wanted her leadership students to teach the school community about air quality. These phone calls taught me that no two schools are alike when it comes to learning something new. There are many creative educators in BC.

You may hear from me, Glynn Brothen, soon. I completely understand if you get my name confused; it’s not very common. However, I will be delivering a message as common as the weather. It’s that air pollution can affect your health and that the Air Quality Flags can help you stay aware of what kind of “air day” it is.

If you have questions for me please feel free to email me: glynn@airshift.com

Or if you would like to chat about how your school can join this program, give me a call: 1-250-372-5900.

Talk soon,

Glynn Brothen

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