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Welcome to the launch of a brand new website dedicated to the Air Quality Flag Program for Schools.

This website and air quality flags are designed to help you and your school community stay aware of the air you’re breathing. Given that we breathe roughly 10,000 liters of air per day, it’s something we should all think about. I will admit that prior to learning more about air quality, I never paid much thought to it, but I’ve realized that taking a minute or two out of my day to check the air quality is a small price to pay to find out what kind of air I’m breathing.

Since this program is the first of its kind in Canada, I’m eager to take part in its launch. My role is to keep you informed about how the Air Quality Flags can help you stay aware of the air and remain active outdoors. If you’re a student, school staff member, parent, or a concerned citizen; I encourage you to observe and share what you discover as this project progresses. If our program goals  are met within the pilot test frame, there will be a potential opportunity to expand further into Canada.

In order to stay in touch, this blog will be my tool to communicate and update you on the project. I’ll be in frequent contact with the participating schools, and making occasional trips. Please feel free to contact me at any time to hear more about the program, sign up, tell me about your experience, or to share your thoughts on the Air Quality Flags. Your story may end up on this blog!

I encourage you to take the time to explore what this site has to offer, and if you think it could benefit your school – sign up!



Glynn Brothen

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